Senior ExecutiveIs It Time to Use Your Executive Skills
in a Better Career Opportunity?

Being a senior leader or business owner may have fit your aspirations at one point in your life, but what do you truly want for your next chapter? Many executives who burn out or suppress their real desires for a new adventure fail to see the tell-tale signs that a transition is necessary. The free Listen to Your Life Assessment will help you evaluate your current career trajectory in light of the six areas of job fit that lead to job satisfaction: Take the Free Assessment

1. Natural Abilities: Utilizing your real talents.

2. Values: Making an impact in the world your are proud of.

3. Work Environment: Operating in a healthy culture.

4. Advancement: Knowing a realistic path for achieving your goals.

5. Life-Balance: Enjoying relationships, health, hobbies, and lifestyle.

6. Financial Fulfillment: Earning well in the present and investing for the future.

The Importance of this Free Assessment

Sadly, many modern executives wait for financial tensions, family strife, burnout, or health issues in order to make a course correction. By taking this free 10 minute assessment, you will be able to print a customized report and download a free article, “Listen to Your Life,” written by a veteran executive coach whose wisdom has helped many senior leaders transition into thriving careers.

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