Senior ExecutiveYou Are a Successful Executive,
But Is This the Life You Really Wanted?

High achievers enjoy moments of satisfaction, but truly successful executives create ways to make their lives sustainable. This free Sustainability Assessment allows you to measure your current trajectory according to six disciplines practiced by thriving executive leaders.

1. Strategic Clarity: A life that operates with 20/20 vision in areas that matter most.

2. Business Contribution: A life that is engaged in meaningful, productive and fulfilling work.

3. LifeBalance: A life that successfully juggles multiple opportunities and assignments.

4. Relational Quality: A life that is constructing a handful of heart-level relationships.

5. Spiritual Vitality: A life that pursues a vibrant relationship with God.

6. Financial Fulfillment: A life that shrewdly earns, stewards and invests resources.

The Importance of This Free Assessment for Effective Executives

Sadly, many executives wait for a business failure, family strife, burnout, or health issue in order to make a course correction. By taking this free 10 minute assessment, you will be able to print a customized report and download a free article, The Six Disciplines of Personal Sustainability, written by bestselling leadership author, Dr. Steven Graves.

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