"I loved the early years building my company. But the bigger it got the more of a drain it became. I needed to transition the President reins to someone I could trust and had the skills to keep it going. Cornerstone helped us through the whole transition and I am happier than I have ever been. Oh, and I have perfected my fly fishing."
John G. | Small Business Founder

Measured Accountability

The strength coach

We also act like a football team’s strength coach, focused on goals, measurements, regimens, and disciplines. We are practical and fact-driven in driving to the short-term goal (solving the issue; changing the behavior; making a wise decision; completing the transition). We’ll set specific and custom objectives, scorecards, and deliverables as appropriate – and make sure they get done. We’re just as interested in the long-term goal, which is that you have greater reserves of capacity, purpose and wisdom at the end than at the beginning.