"Amidst a difficult financial climate in the entertainment industry, Cornerstone's coaching has both inspired and motivated me to reach beyond the limitations. My coach is helping me structure and build a new record company model!" - Ramy A. | President Record Label

Outside Perspective

The co-pilot

All of us find ourselves at the center of a complicated world, full of all these pieces (career, family, hobbies, faith, relationships), and people helping us process one or two pieces at a time. But the more complex and high-stakes your life gets, the lonelier and more complicated it often gets. Sometimes what you need is someone to sit in the co-pilot seat and help you read all the gauges and maps.

The magic lies in getting someone who’s qualified, totally objective, and fully committed to going deep. The other voices in your life either aren’t qualified (friends who can’t understand your business) … aren’t objective (they have a personal stake in what you decide to do) … can only look at one piece of your life (your current job, for example) … or can’t commit the time and energy to work through the whole picture in depth. It’s invaluable to have someone skilled that you really trust and has flown this direction before.