"My board of directors insisted that I hire an executive coach to help me grow my CEO skill set. You might imagine I was somewhat reticent. An accidental encounter with an old friend told me about Cornerstone and gently pushed my to make the contact. Two years later I received an excellent scorecard from my board for my CEO leadership." - Bob C. | CEO, Public Company

Dr. Stephen R. Graves

Steve Graves, founder of Coaching By Cornerstone and co-founder of the Life@Work Company, has been coaching Senior Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for over two decades. He is known for his wisdom, wit and ability to see through the complex to a simple path of progress.

Graves is the co-author of nearly a dozen books on leadership, business and the booming faith/work movement. His last two releases, Life@Work and The Power of One, were co-authored with best selling author Dr. John C. Maxwell. Along with his appetite to create meaningful content, Steve loves to share his life and learnings with others….whether speaking to a stadium of 80,000 men, sitting around in a snow trapped Utah cabin with a handful of CEOs, or standing in a trout stream with a friend talking about life and work.

He is often referred to as a business and life Sherpa to some of the most successful senior leaders in today’s ministry and business landscape. At any given time he is coaching 4-5 high profile CEOs and 3-4 young gun business entrepreneurs. Graves says he has the best job in the world and really believes it.

He has lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for over 20 years and is married with three children. In the last decade he has become very intentional about growing ‘next generational’ leaders. He speaks regularly, sits on several boards and sneaks off to go fishing as often as he can.

Contact:  sgraves@cornerstoneco.com