"Cornerstone has been very instrumental in the growth of my company over the last few years. My coach has helped me to see the big picture, trust in my people, and has truly taken away most of the burdens I had from trying to do everything myself. Cornerstone has helped me with major decisions in operations, finance, HR, and strategies for growth." - Brooks C. | CEO, Private Company

Wendy B. Harris

Wendy Harris Executive CoachKnown for her engaging and refined ability to listen and discern the core thought and behavior patterns which interfere with success, Wendy Harris is a licensed professional counselor and executive coach who equips business leaders and medical professionals alike with the tools they need to achieve uncommon productivity and effectiveness in both life and work.

As a noted speaker and author, Wendy is often called upon to lead seminars, workshops and conferences for civic organizations, businesses and medical groups on such topics as, “Re-Training Your Mind for Health & Success”, “Leadership Others Want to Follow”, and “Valuing Yourself and Others”.

Having overcome formidable challenges in her own life, Wendy developed “Renew Your Mind”, “Transform Your Life”, a dynamic curriculum that outlines the principles and methods necessary for internal transformation and lasting results. She has used this content to build her practice into a thriving company serving individuals, companies and medical practices throughout North Carolina.

As a Coaching By Cornerstone Executive Coach, Wendy utilizes her keen understanding of the inner person with the strategic thinking necessary to equip business leaders to move beyond goal setting to goal accomplishment. She has the heart and mind of a servant leader and a tremendous passion for helping her clients develop their capabilities as high-potential leaders.

Having earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill, Wendy is a die-hard Tar Heel and resides on the coast of North Carolina, where she and her two daughters enjoy the beach and a variety of outdoor sports.

Contact: wharris@coachingbycornerstone.com