"I didn't know if I should sell the company I had built from scratch or double down my investment and give it another run. Both options had benefits and pitfalls. A CEO Tour to sit and visit with other leaders who had traveled this path before was just the ticket for me. Thanks Cornerstone." - Bruce M. | Serial Entrepreneur

Coaching Environment

Our coaching is practical and results-driven. We’ll actually make decisions and create deliverables. We agree on the front end the specific goals and an action plan to meet the goals. The target doesn’t move unless we move it together in advance.

It’s holistic. We focus on all of life: calling, skill, competence, dreams, passions, family, strategy, relationships, money, spirituality, hobbies, and ambitions. In fact, depending on your agenda, your spouse might be involved in the process, joining us for occasional discussions.

It’s organic and driven by your agenda. We’re not selling any particular intervention, process, trait, product, or skill, such as time management, goal-setting, or presentation skills – though we could address those when appropriate. You won’t feel like you’re being taken through a structured and prescriptive six-step process.

It’s conversational and heavy on thinking. You’ll do a lot of talking. Your coach will ask lots of tough questions for discussion and reflection. We’ll challenge not just what you do, but what you believe and why.

It’ll feel like a tough board meeting, a late-night conversation with a friend, a counseling session, a status meeting, and a brainstorming session. Fun, deep, exhausting, and challenging.