"My company outgrew the talent we had compiled over the years and I needed a clear plan to upgrade my leadership team. Cornerstone came in and customized a plan that worked very well."
Greg T. | Senior Leader in Large Public Company


Why are the assignments usually for six to eighteen months?
Our engagements focus on one or more of these four outcomes: dilemmas, alignments, transitions, and upgrades. On one hand, these are tough issues that require focused, sustained attention over time. It takes months to make most of these life decisions or permanently change the course of habits and behaviors that have taken you a lifetime to form. It also takes time to establish the trust necessary to help you make 6- to 10-figure decisions that impact 3-20 years of life.

At the same time, all of these outcomes have some ending point. Transitions end; dilemmas get resolved; skills get upgraded. Our clients are usually accomplished individuals. They don’t need permanent handholding; they need a sustained, expert intervention at a strategic time. Anything beyond that is probably a waste of your money.

What’s your fee structure?
We work on a monthly retainer basis – a single monthly fee. That will be based on how much time we plan to spend together in an average month and the level of complexity and depth we expect to cover.

We don’t do coaching by the hour or by the day, or enter into an engagement for less than three months. These approaches just aren’t us. For us to add the value we describe in these pages, we need to come alongside you in a substantial way.

OK, you said every coach has an agenda. What’s yours?
We believe the work and personal parts of your life belong together in one piece. People often undervalue work (“it’s just what I do to make money”) or overvalue it (“it’s the way you ultimately keep score”). Both of these are wrong. Work does not give you your identity, but over a lifetime it is the primary venue where you can demonstrate your identity. This is why we focus so much attention on the work side of the equation.

At the same time, people are spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, communal, creative beings. We want to help people who want to connect all these dots in pursuit of something transcendent and lasting. If you think that who you are at work has nothing to do with who you are with family, you are headed for tragedy in one sphere or the other.

The bottom line is we want to help you do two things: address the specific agenda well (transition, dilemma, alignment, upgrade) in the short term; and build your own resources for the next part of the journey.

Our worldview is based in Biblical wisdom that applies to everyone on the planet, whether you are a Christian or not.

What if it’s not working?
If either of us feels you’re not getting the value you expected, we stop and you aren’t committed to pay anything beyond the current month